Inversa @ Autumn Tasting 2022

Inversa @ Autumn Tasting 2022

The Drinks Business Autumn Tasting 2022 took place on 6 September at OPS Wines, Bermondsey, UK. Collectively known as "The Global Wine Masters" the competition is run in collaboration with the Drinks Business. 

The Autumn Tasting was completely open to any style of wine produced anywhere in the world and over 165 entrants participated in this year's competition. 

We're proud to announce that both entries - Peach& Basil and Morello Cherry - were awarded a medal by the judges! 

This marks Inversa's first trip to the British Isles, but we have a feeling there are many more to come. 

If you want to try for yourself, head over to our product page and pick up a 4pack of your favorite flavor! 


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